Why Royal Cream?

Why Royal Cream?


Our first product line of creams was named Royal Cream after the English term ’royal jelly’.

Royal – Bearing that in mind we wished to create something majestic. Throughout our two years’ of development, we followed this approach all along.

Why did we choose royal jelly? And what does the attribute ’premium’ mean?


First of all, let’s clarify what royal jelly is:


Royal jelly is a whitish dense material produced by the bees the main purpose of which is to feed the belly (queen). The worker bees (drones) live 6 months the most while the queen could live for 3-4 years. She outlives the rest thanks to feeding only upon royal jelly.


Outstanding values:

Its content is so unique that it has not been successfully reproduced artificially yet. In other words, besides the whole line of Vitamin B, it consists of Vitamins A, C, D, E, H, K, P and contains high level of amino acid, minerals, trace element and protein. Pure royal jelly is the single thing to contain 10-HDA acid. There are around 150 biologically active components in it that intensify one another’s influence.

Our production of ’premium’royal jelly applies a technology that has been perfected for 60 years. All through those years certain methods were mastered in a way that the highest concentration of agents can be achieved in the long run.

The biological and psychological effects of royal jelly made researchers want to try its curative power on skin diseases and in cosmetics. Specialists were also interested in the side-effects of the substance and ability of absorption. They found out that its greatest influence is on the skin’s water content. It helps keep the skin hydrated. It prevents water-soluble substances from leaving the skin but has no influence on the respiration of those.

Beside the many favourable physiological and medical effects it has, royal jelly provides solution to several different skin diseases. It revitalizes the skin like no other thing: it fills up wrinkles and keeps more from appearing. Regenerates the epidermic tissue, leaving a bright, warm skin behind. Royal jelly stimulates the production of collagen which process leads to a smooth, elastic skin. It also provides the sufficient level of hydration for all skin types.

The royal jelly found in the organic cosmetics of Body Honey keeps its biologically active content of agents. Thanks to that it provides a solution unmatched for various skin problems.


What is the difference between Royal Cream and Soft Royal Cream?


As our grandmothers were growing up with the blue nivea no demand emerged for lighter creams that even absorb faster. There is a strong call from women these days for a foundation makeup.  In case they use their favourite cream, their face would not shine.

Since we want to satisfy every age groups’ demands and present a suitable solution for all of them, it was evident for us to create the Soft version as well after Royal Cream.


Royal Cream may be used as a night cream and Soft Royal Cream as a daytime moisturiser regardless of age.


But before you dive into effective skin care, we must warn you:


Cleansing is the basis of skincare!


Find the natural creamy pampering that suits you the best.


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