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Every Royal and Soft Royal cream has high content of royal jelly in them.
It contains all types of vitamin-B and vitamin A, C, D, E, H, K, and P as well. It’s amino acid, mineral, trace element and protein content is also remarkably high.
It can uniquely rejuvenate the skin, uploads wrinkles and prevents them from re-emerge. It regenerates the epithelium, which results in shiny and glossy skin. It stimulates the production of collagens, which affects the flexibility and evenness of the skin. It can clean the skin - as fast as no other substances - from acnes, thanks to its demulcent and detoxifying effects. It is effective against eczema, psoriasis and lot of other symptoms of skin problems. Rejuvenating elixir.

All of the soaps contain premium quality acacia honey and nutritious goat milk, which are beneficial in making the skin soft and silky.

The premium quality acacia honey is a real  antioxidant, fights against ROS, helps the regeneration of the skin, effective against skin aging and cures acnes and eczema. It is rich from amino acids and enzymes. Disinfected and antibacterial effects clean the skin.

The goat milk is a natural source of alfa-hydroxy acid, which is exfoliates the skin and helps to regenerate fresh epidermis. There is also Q10 coenzyme in it, and more than 70 unsaturated fatty acid. Easily aspiring in the deeper parts of the skin, it makes it silky and soft.

You can find the perfect soap for any type of milk in our product family.


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