Recommendation of beekeeper authority György Árvai


My grandfather, the late György Árvai was a town-clerk in Ungvár and he had a modern apiary with pavilions back then already. I was his favourite grandchild, I always went along with him. In the 1999/2000 school year I graduated as a skilled workman in beekeeping and  acquired a masters qualification. I have made multiple presentations, I am a regularly invited lecturer at training courses, and I write articles.

We started to produce royal jelly-cream in 1957. It was a miracle of the world then and the demand was so high we could hardly keep up with it. Direct marketing is not a recent invention either. As we improved the method of the production and the quantity of the produced jelly increased, we decided to put out pure royal jelly and a type that is dissolved in honey.

Body Honey let the Genie loose from the bottle again. The cult of the royal jelly cream has been resurrected.

Used as a type of cosmetics, it helps turn ladies’ skin to as smooth as silk. It effectively regenerates the dried out skin, smoothes it by correcting the surface of the skin.

Having 60 years’ of experience as a manufacturer and user of the royal jelly I can only recommend Body Honey products.  May you too, member of the new generation, discover what made our grandparents’ face so radiant.

György Árvai

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