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Does oily and spotty skin cause daily problems?


You have lost balance.


Oily, shiny, wide-pored, full-of-acne or spotty skin is due to the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands. One reason behind your spotty skin is the accumulated toxins that got more underneath into deeper layers of your skin because of the chemical-filled cosmetics.

In order not to worsen things but resolve your skin problem instead, use chemical-free cosmetics from this point on.

Do you want your oily, spotty skin to be normal?

I have good news.

Royal jelly creams provide a fast solution.


Royal jelly normalizes the working of your sebaceous glands and helps to set the ideal 5.5 Ph value of the acid coat that protects the skin.

Researchers of a university in Japan found out that royal jelly has an anti-inflammatory effect and also that it helps improve the collagen production of the skin. Also it shortened the healing time of wounds, spots and skin diseases.


According to the reports, people who use our products noticed a change after 1-2 weeks themselves while their environment gave a positive feedback after 3-4 weeks.



Change to attain change. Set up a new skin care routine.


Step 1: Remove the top layer of epidermis

The honey, found in the soap with honey and goat milk, decontaminates and is an effective anti-bacterial matter. The AHA acid content of goat milk gently peels off the top layer of the epidermis. Q10 co-enzyme can be found in it, as well as over 70 unsaturated fats. Since it absorbs well, it easily penetrates to deeper layers of the skin, tends it well and makes it smooth.


Step 2: Detoxicate and regenerate your skin

The 150 biologically active agents of royal jelly found in Royal Cream helps with this. Besides the whole line of Vitamin B, the royal jelly consists of Vitamins A, C, D, E, H, K, P and contains high level of amino acid, minerals, trace element and protein. It can clean the skin from spots fast which is due to its anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. It is a long-lasting solution.


It regenerates the skin on cell level. It is a natural panacea.


Step 3: Hydrate and nourish

Oily and spotty skin needs hydration and nourishing too. The Soft Royal Cream, which is a daytime face skin cream, is light, absorbs easily, tones, and freshens up the skin. Its natural high content of vitamin E makes it an excellent cell protector and has various other effects: vitalization, anti-flammation and keeping the skin’s hydration and flexibility.


 You can find those of our products collected here that help treating the oily, spotty or acne-spread skin.


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