Body Honey Introduction


Dear inquirer, 


My name is Norbert László, Managing Director of Body Honey Natural Cosmetics Ltd.
I was introduced to royal jelly and its wonderful effects by György Árvai. I became a fan of it first and then I started to spread it to people around me. Those of my frinds who started to use royal jelly healed.  Miraculous things happened and, at the same time, as the demand for curing skin diseases kept growing we began to develop Royal Cream. The feedbacks of our then-complete products were so encouraging that we set out to establish Royal Honey.


Converting 100% pure royal jelly into high-tech natural cosmetics?
Turned out to be the perfect idea.


Preserving the 150 biologically active agents found in the royal jelly and get it into the skin are the things that make Royal Cream high-tech, natural cosmetics.


My partners joined me in order to make things happen. After agreeing on the common principles and ground we set our target. This was to familiarize the most people possible with royal jelly, a prominently versatile natural panacea, honey and all the excellent things coming from the hive.


György Árvai – former chairman of Budapest Apiarist Association and still a teacher in Apiarist courses – perfected the production of royal jelly by improving his father’s legacy further on. This way we use a technology that has been mastered for approximatly 60 years for producing royal jelly. Mr Árvay’s work was a great help for us in keeping the jelly in royal quality.


To be able to produce the best possible quality we established Body Honey factory. We select the materials we use with great circumspection and, make our products with love and by our own hands. The ars poetica of Body Honey’s small team is the nature-friendly thinking, respectful behaviour toward animals and humane attitude.



We make everything for you as if it was for us.


Best regards,

Norbert László



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